2001.010.5 Zarate and Paquita Album

This album was created by Samuel and Paquita Zarate, longtime residents of Lincoln Beach. This record, entitled “20 Miracle Miles,” is a tribute to the place that Samuel and Paquita Zarate called home for many years.

        Samuel Zarate was from Mexico City, where he won a scholarship to study violin in Paris. He was then hired to entertain royalty and met Paquita (born Myrtle Dillard, then became Myrtle Watkins after a short marriage), a singer, dancer and actress who was studying ballet in France. They were married and performed music throughout Europe, India, Australia, the Far East, Canada, and the United States.  During their touring, they played several times in Depoe Bay and decided to buy property in Lincoln Beach in 1959. They opened the Culture Center Studio and taught children how to play the violin, guitar, piano, flute, and organ. They also built an all faiths chapel behind their residence.

Listen to this record below:

The reverse side of this album had a song that expressed their love for Depoe Bay:

These two life-sized, cement oxen pulling a covered wagon were placed near their home. They sold candy, sea shells, driftwood, ice cream, and more out of the wagon. These oxen became one of the most visible landmarks in Lincoln Beach for many years:

Paquita passed away in 1968. Samuel would have a memorial every year to celebrate her life. Below is her memorial advertisement from 1980 and Samuel’s obituary from 1997 in the News Guard. Click on the memorial for Paquita (Myrtle Watkins) to learn her history:

Zarate and Paquita were outstanding community members and loved by all who knew them. This album represents that love and their admiration for this area.