1995.008.1 Golden Glow Beer Can

This Golden Glow beer can was found when a wall was removed to install the elevator for our building in 1995. Cone-top style beer cans were produced between the late 1930s and the late 1950s.

This building was originally constructed by volunteer power on donated land as a firehouse in 1941, which lines up perfectly with the production of cone-top beer cans. After years of being used as a fire hall, it then became Lincoln City’s first official City Hall in 1965. The city then deeded the building to the museum in 1994 after they found a new home for City Hall. The beer can remained hidden and well preserved behind the wall from 1941 through 1995, when one of the elevator construction crew members found it and gave it to museum staff. One could only surmise that someone enjoyed this beer after (or during) a hard day of work on the firehouse.

The photo below is of the volunteers constructing this building in 1941:

Below is a 1940s fire truck parked outside of the museum in 2018. It used to be housed in the museum when it was an active fire hall. Click on the image for more information about the museum and its building.

Below is a link (click image) to some information on beer cans which helps determine the age by type:

This entombed can was well preserved in the walls of this fire hall – city hall – museum for over 50 years. Now it is displayed in our Auto Garage display on our second floor.