Bolster the Building Fundraiser

Last winter our staff, volunteers, and guests were greeted at the museum with shivering cold. One of our furnaces had gone kaput. Another day the elevator stopped working, and our staff got on the phone immediately to have a technician come to save the day, at a hefty price. A few weeks ago, Director Jeff was picking up trash outside of the museum when he noticed that someone had torn off about 20 cedar shingles, presumably to use as kindling. Luckily, aside from the cost of material, we had contractor friend, Tony Hugeback help with the installation. The museum underwent major renovations in 2004 and received shiny new furnaces, a dehumidifying system, and more, but now that the shine has worn off as they are over 15 years old, we are expecting more tune-ups and replacements over the next few years, not to mention the unpredictable costs, like vandalism.

This is why we are hoping, for our annual fundraiser, that you will consider donating to help bolster the museum’s building fund this winter. Last year our museum community came through which allowed us to have our building painted! We are looking at a goal of 5,000 dollars which is about the price of a new furnace. Every little bit helps! Please donate below!

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