Digital Image Purchase

Thank you for purchasing a digital image from NLCHM. If you are reading this, that means that you have coordinated with our museum director, Christopher. He will send you the image(s) upon payment and will send you our Image Reproduction form. Please use the payment method below and select the number of photos that you are purchasing.

Conditions for Image Reproduction

1. Permission is for only one editorial use in one publication, one edition and one language.

2. Images furnished by the NLCHM may not be reproduced in altered form without written permission.

3. Each image reproduced must be credited: From the Collections of the North Lincoln County Historical Museum, Lincoln City, Oregon.

4. The NLCH Museum gives no exclusive rights to any publisher, author or photographer and assumes no responsibility for duplication of subjects by others or any responsibility by third parties.

5. In consideration of the Museum’s providing a photograph, the publisher agrees to fully indemnify liabilities, expense, losses or damages (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of the use, publication, distribution, exhibition or dissemination of any or all said photographs by the publisher, his agents or employees.

6. Collections of the NLCH Museum include items to which the NLCH Museum does not control rights of reproduction. Those requesting permission to reproduce photographs of such items assume all responsibility for obtaining any other necessary permission and are fully responsible for any infringement of copyright.

7. The NLCH Museum requests that, upon publication, one copy of the publication be furnished to the NLCH Museum without charge. C/O North Lincoln County Historical Museum, Museum Library.