Paint – Protect – Preserve

One early morning, Director, Jeff Syrop, came to work to find that the gutters had fallen off of the side of the building. This caused some flooding in our garden area, and water seeped into the building. Luckily, water only made its way into our tool room, and Jeff attended to the flood before it got into our artifact storage. The reason that the gutters fell off is because the wood began to rot and as a result, the screws came undone. This is all because the building is in major need of paint job. The cedar shakes that cover parts of the building are in good condition, but two sides and the trim are in dire need of paint.

We spend a lot of time preserving artifacts at the museum, and now it’s time to preserve the building. Being a not-for-profit, we cannot afford to do this ourselves and are looking for help from our wonderful members and community. Any donation towards painting the building would be appreciated, and much needed to preserve this historic building and all of the exhibits and artifacts that it houses. Please mail checks and let us know that it is for the Paint – Protect – Preserve project. The easiest way is to click on the donate button below! See the progress bar below to see how close we are to our goal!