Annual Fund Drive – Raise the Roof!

Help raise the roof!The NLCH Museum is kicking off our 2016 Annual Fund drive. In the past we have asked for general operating support for our museum, including programs and exhibits. This year we have just one pressing need, to replace our failing roof. A vital part of our mission is the preservation of artifacts, treasures that represent our history and heritage. They include everything from photographs and documents to furniture and tools and most are irreplaceable. We can not put these priceless objects at risk. We need to replace the roof now, before fall rains cause damage to our building and artifacts.

The cost of the roof is $30,000. We have applied for and received a grant from the Oregon Community Foundation for $10,000. We also have an additional $10,000 earmarked from our building contingency fund. That leaves $10,000 yet to be raised. Happily, our Annual Fund Drive got a head start when one of our generous members donated $1,500. That means we are already 15% of the way to our goal! Please help us to protect and preserve our artifact collection and to secure our building by donating what you can.

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We are extremely grateful for any help you can give. Thank you!