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Tiny Tours on DVD

Our gift shop now features Tiny Tours on DVD! If you love the museum and local history, you’ll love these tours. We blend historical images and oral histories with footage of our exhibits for each tour. There are a total of 16 episodes with a overall run-time of 42 minutes. Pick one up at the… (read more)

Down the Siletz

Come travel down the Siletz River with six-year-old Orrice Brown, her family of five, travel trunks, cookware, washboards, livestock, a pet canary, and a terrier named Clyde. The year was 1916 and they were moving from a farm near Corvallis to the northern end of Lincoln County, now known as Roads End. Orrice Brown (Addler)… (read more)

Annual Meeting Open House

Our annual meeting open house will be held at the museum from 11am – 1pm on Saturday, June 18th. Come see what we are all about, get a tour of the museum, meet Board Members, see a slideshow of our trials and triumphs, and give feedback to help us shape NLCHM’s future. Museum members may… (read more)