Swipe Through History

We are happy to introduce a new interactive element, Swipe Through History, to the museum. Two iPad kiosk stations loaded with 100 photos and interpretation each have been installed. One containing our early history has been placed downstairs, and one containing our later history has been placed upstairs. With these two kiosk stations, we are able to share more of our photo collection and interpretation. This project was made possible thanks to grant funding by the Lincoln County Cultural Coalition via Oregon Cultural Trust.

Float Odyssey Exhibit Opening and Float ID Day

This is a recap video of our Float Odyssey exhibit opening and Float Identification Day that took place at NLCHM on February 19th, 2022. Thanks to Dr. Nick Simpson and Ken Busse for lending their expertise to this event. If you have a question on the history of a glass fishing float, send an email to the address listed in the video and we’ll get back to you.