Virtual Exhibit Quiz

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Grooved Sinker Stone: What purpose does the groove in the sinker stone serve?
Lincoln Book Shop Sign: Who was the father of Earl Nelson, the book shop's owner?
Zarate and Paquita Album: What did they teach children in their Culture Center Studio?
Julia Dodson Diary: What did Julia Dodson name Rose Lodge after?
Log Cabin Quilt: Where did this quilt travel before ending up at the museum?
Handwoven Basket: How would Sissie and Jakie Johnson help the homesteaders to this area?
Claw-Foot Tub: Why was the cabin that housed the tub called the Green Onion?
Golden Glow Beer Can: Who do you think left this beer can in the wall of the museum?
Jug Made in Japan: How old do you think this jug is?
Piece of Schooner: How did Schooner Creek get its name?
Wooden Stool: What free service took place using this stool?
Indestructo Trunk: Who were the owners of the trunk and what are they known for?
Glass Fishing Float: How long do glass fishing floats from Japan take to wash up on our shore?
“The Kiss” Statue: Who donated this statue, and what are they known for?
Russian Axe: How did the donors determine that the axe was from Russia?
Chainsaw Carved Bear(s): Why did Niilo Hill originally create these chainsaw carved bears?