Introducing the Jean Majoska Children’s Library

Jean Majoska “Take a Book, Leave a Book” Children’s Library
Jean Majoska joined the Board of Directors and was elected President in 2001 and was re-elected to that position until 2012, making her the longest serving President of NLCHM. Jean led the museum through the challenging and complex expansion and upgrading of NLCHM’s building with her skillful and knowledgeable coordination with the city, Urban Renewal, the architect, and contractors. Jean has taken many children’s programs and tours under her wings during her time at NLCHM. We are happy to introduce the Jean Majoska “Take a Book, Leave a Book” Children’s Library, which is located in the Mildred and Marie Children’s room here at the museum. This free library was inspired by Jean’s generosity and passion for children’s education. Thanks, Jean! Much thanks to the board members who provided the books to get this library started! If you have any extra children’s books around the house that you would like to donate, please bring them in as a gift or for exchange. Thanks!