The History and Folklore of Finnish Immigration to North Lincoln County

When: Saturday, April 14th, 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Where: North Lincoln County Historical Museum: 4907 SW Hwy 101, Lincoln City

Come join us at the North Lincoln County Historical Museum to learn about the history and folklore of early Finnish pioneers in North Lincoln County. Storyteller Doug Force will take you back to the early 1900s to tell the story of a Finnish farming family. This story intertwines the family’s trials and triumphs with the legend of the Tomten, a gnome-like mythical creature that was the protector of the farm and caretaker of livestock.

Doug Force has been storytelling since he was a small child. Curiosity and the knowledge and reflections of other people’s lives kept him engaged in the elements of storytelling and listening to this day. Doug used and developed his diverse story telling skills as an educator at all levels of public and private venue, from middle-level public schools through graduate level university courses.