Travelling Exhibit

We are excited to announce that our popular Float Odyssey exhibit is on the road. It is on display at the Garibaldi Maritime Museum until February of 2024.

Odysseys are described as long and adventurous journeys. We couldn’t think of a better word to describe the epic voyages that the fishing floats in this exhibit have endured! After being used and lost at sea by fishermen, these floats were caught in the circular Pacific currents for decades until large storms forced them ashore. This exhibit follows some of our more extraordinary float odysseys, highlighting their place of origin, their use in the fishing industry, where and when they were found, and how they wound up in our collection. Learn all about glass fishing floats through the stories of the special floats selected for this exhibit. The Garibaldi Maritime Museum has included Diane O’Leary paintings inspired by the marine ecosystem of Tillamook Bay.

This exhibit was curated by Dr. Nick Simpson and Director Jeff Syrop.