WWII on the Oregon Coast

Joann Kangiser Schneider’s four brothers who served in WWII (left to right): Lawrence, Gilbert, Joe, and Marion.

What: WWII on the Oregon Coast Program

When: September 21st at 2 pm

Where: The North Lincoln County Historical Museum. 4907 SW HWY 101 Lincoln City, OR.

Contact: NLCHM 541-996-6614

Joann Kangiser Schneider, who was a teenager during WWII, and North Lincoln County Historical Museum President Mick McLean will give a presentation about WWII on the Oregon Coast. There will be a slide-show, and they will lead discussions and encourage stories about “dim outs,” rationing cards, coast patrols, and more about North Lincoln County during World War II. Joann (Taft High School ’47) will share her personal experiences and those of her four brothers and future husband “Red” Schneider, who all joined the war effort. Mick will describe how two regions a sea apart prepared for invasion; Lincolnshire England after the fall of Dunkirk and Lincoln County, Oregon, after Pearl Harbor.  “Both counties felt the threat of invasion was real,” Mick explained. This program will take place during Celebration of Honor Week at 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 21 at North Lincoln County Historical Museum.