You did it! Fund-raising campaign results in new roof for the museum.

North Lincoln County Historical Museum Raise the roof fundraiserBecause of the generous participation of sixty-eight museum members and friends, our recent campaign to raise funds to replace our building’s deteriorating roof resulted in $12,385 in much needed contributions. These donations, combined with a $10,000 grant from the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF), and reserves prudently held in our emergency building fund enabled the museum to replace the entire roof with new materials in September 2016 at a cost of $32,844. We thank the contractor Jagow and Son Roofing for accommodating our needs and an outstanding job completed in a timely and cost efficient manner. We especially thank our members and friends, listed below, whose gifts were vital to the success of the project and enabled the museum to keep its mission alive, serving the public and the community as a nonprofit historical and educational resource. Thank you:

[twocol_one]Susan & Dick Anderson
Lloyd & Marlene Ankeny
Lucille Bacon
Linda Beach
William Boyce
Joseph Burbon
Sandra Killam Brenzel
Dorinda Brush
Lynn & Pat Churchill
Judy & Russ Cleveland
Sheila & Sherman Coventry
Diane Disse
Geraldine Eckardt
Tom Edwards
C. Noreikis & J. Erlanger
Carol Forbes
George Fogarty
Thelma Gardner
Gloria Garland
Geisik Realty
Barb & Mike Halferty
Anne Hall
Lois Hartwig
Richard & Priscilla Hawkins
Patricia Herringer
Muriel Hicks
Lori Hollingsworth
C. T Holman
Milton Huff
Susan Jenkins
Barbara Jenkins-Gibson
Ed Johann
Don Johnson
Betty Jones
[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Jones Living Trust (Sheridan & Crichton Jones)
Bonnie Kittleson
Charles Koski
Nova Longtain
Melissa Madenski
Jean Majoska
Danell & Larry Martin
Lana McCullough
Gordon & Patsy McLean
John Morgan
Ann Murdock
Brice Niemi
Sener & Julie Otrugman
Connie & Pete Owston
Pacific West Ambulance
William & Betty Pendarvis
Sandra Petty
Jim & Evelyn Phelps
Dave & Linda Pompel
Joanna Quade
Susan & Italo Rebecchi
Deirdre Reynolds
Georgia Roelof
Mary Bea Sakraida
Joan Schneider
Nick & Janet Simpson
George & Marie Staley
Sung Harbor Bar & Grill
Joe & Mary Thimm
Ron Tierney
John & Alyce Tuttle
Beverly Ulbricht
Jodi & Gary Weber
Otis & Dorothy Winchester[/twocol_one_last]